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Envision Urban utilises the latest digital design and visualisation technologies to promote, enhance and communicate high profile development projects both domestically and abroad.

It is our aim to effectively communicate the value of both existing assets and future development plans through highly realistic and versatile visualisation systems which people can instinctively relate to. Customers, decision makers and stakeholders will be able to see the opportunities and benefits provided by residential developments, commercial expansions, construction programs and infrastructure projects.


Still Renders

Highly realistic internal and external renders form a key part of planning and marketing material


Simulated experiences of moving through proposed developments provides greater sense of the space and environment

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Airflow and cross ventilation simulations and analysis using AKL FlowDesigner. Providing both software license sales and analysis services.

AKL FlowDesigner

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Understanding cross ventilation and thermal comfort analysis has never been easier. Ensuring that the orientation, design and siting of built forms do not negatively contribute to heat island issues. It can now be done for small lots, terraces, medium and high density dwellings.

AKL FlowDesigner is intended to be used by a wide cross section of industry professionals including architects, engineers, landscape architects and designers. The intuitive interface makes it easy to visualise airflows in and around buildings, and identify areas of opportunity or concern at the concept stage of design and then for each minor iteration thereafter.

Fast, dynamic and visually stunning interactive outputs help to understand and communicate designs to a wide variety of stakeholders including decision makers, assessment officers and affected land owners.

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Still Render



High quality life like renders

Still Render


Still Render


Specialising in the 3D visualisation for architectural projects



Envision Urban is able to help clients focus on the most important aspects of a project through the use of comprehensive visualisation systems. This includes techniques which mirror conventional photography processes supported by analytical 3D content.



Airflow and cross ventilation analysis using AKL FlowDesigner.

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For more details about our visualisation and analysis services or for AKL FlowDesigner license sales.

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